TYR ~ San Antonio,Texas
After the events of September 2001, Federal law enforcement started to change.  Old priorities gave way to new challenges and
better ways to meet them.  When Team Seven was ordered to be disbanded, Chris Larabee was offered an opportunity to become
Commander of a new Task Force Unit, MCAT (Major Crimes and Acts of Terrorism).  It is a team made up of federal agents who
take on cases which are too complex or too hot for other agencies to handle.

MCAT began as an agency under the direction of the Justice department, but has since become an independent elite unit under
the authority of Director Orrin Travis, who holds executive jurisdiction for its operations.  While MCAT handles major crime
cases, and assists local police departments,  their priority is to  thwart terrorism, both foreign and domestic, overtly or covertly,
whenever and wherever necessary.

Thanks in large part to the success of Larabee’s unit; the powers that be declared that it was time for additional MCAT teams to
be established. Orrin Travis specifically picked retired Texas Ranger Aloysius ‘Teaspoon’ Hunter to head up the San Antonio,
Texas Satellite branch of MCAT.

Teaspoon accepted the offer and went to Denver, Colorado to observe every facet of MCAT operations under the guidance of
Chris Larabee. Together Chris and Teaspoon meticulously searched through several hundred personnel files searching for the
right candidates to fill in the positions of the new team.

Sam Cain ~ Captain of Texas Ranger Company 'D' and Teaspoon’s son-in-law was subsequently picked to head up the San Antonio
Unit Commanding Officer in charge of Operations.

Alpha ~ Captain Vin Tanner, SAC (Denver, Colorado)
Bravo ~Captain Justin Michaels, SAC (Denver, Colorado)
Charlie ~ Captain Samuel Cain, SAC (San Antonio, Texas)
Mission Statement

Since its inception MCAT has done outstanding work on a number of cases.  Most notably, they have neutralized three terrorists
threats, and halted at least two assassination attempts of high ranking officials.  They have taken on serial killers, public
corruption, child trafficking, militias,  and computer crimes.  The skill with which they have handled these case have
convinced the higher ups of MCAT’s worth.

My Unit has withstood attacks from within and from outsiders and  has become an independent, specialized unit.  We have
been given carte blanc for a budget and  have state of the art equipment.  Satellite feeds, a video war room, the works.  This
unit will remain a versatile, responsive, and respected premier Federal law enforcement agency, demonstrating excellence in
all aspects of our Operations. We will search for justice  in all major crimes committed against our citizens and fight all acts of
terrorism, both domestic and foreign.

With the addition of the San Antonio Unit we will be able to expand our operations.  As  Administrative Chief  of Operations for
the San Antonio Unit,  Aloysius “Teaspoon” Hunter, will work closely with his counterpart in Denver, Chris Larabee, and Chris
will report directly to me.

Director Orrin Travis

Additional Agents
Emma Shannon
James Butler Hickok
‘Kid’ Killian Isaiah Kidd
Louise Lucinda McCloud
Isaac Leland McSwain
‘Running’ Buck Cross
Noah Edward Dixon
William F. Cody
Ramirez "Ramon" Enrique Hunter

Support Staff
Rachel Ann Dunne
The M7 MCAT AU was created by Tannertexaslady, also the original characters of MCAT, the Wild Bunch and the Larabee 7 Ranch.
Used with permission.
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