The Children
Grace Addison & Cody
Christopher. Jesse Wayne

Jason Cameron, Andria 'Andi'
Nicole, Bren Jamison,Trey

Sarah Christina, Maria Inesa,
Tannis Rose, Caleb Evan

Jackson ~
Terrell Nathanial, Ronesha

Joanne Elise & Adam Josiah

Lilah Rose & Daisy Jonetta

Standish ~
Pearl Delaney
Task Force

Captain Brenner/sex
crimes division DPD    

DPD Officers:

Rick Carson

Brett Jacobs

Cynthia Wright

Jose Gonzales

Selina Cordova

Wyatt Kellerman

Brad Garrison

Hank Lawrence

Gary Carlson

Steve Womack
Odds n Ends
Badge numbers used
Kelli -6753
Ezra- 4417
In Part 6 the bartender's name
was Ryan. Cord and Sam
Buchman were aliases for Vin
and Buck.
Kelli's first given name was Anne
Guns Mentioned
Genesis 308/Vin in Transitions

Winchester model 70/Kelli in

Glock 22/ Kelli used at hospital
in Decisions

9MM Glock/ Vin in Revelations

Winchester 70 stealth/Vin in

30/30/Anson used when he shot
at "Slater"
Larabee 7

MCAT Director ~Orrin Travis      

Additional MCAT Agents
Pamela Walton:
Computer genius that worked for the
Justice Department, 30 years old.

Kelli Coulter:  Degree in criminology/criminal justice,
worked New Orleans PD, State of Texas Criminal Task Force
and the DEA, 26 years old.

Justin Michaels:  Former homicide detective with Denver PD
and then worked with the State Police investigations in
Colorado, 43 years old.

Mark Westin: Excelled at the Police Academy, worked LAPD
and California Highway Patrols, 26 years old., Decided to
specialize in Explosives and now has a bomb detecting dog
Bandit as a partner.  

Raphael Cordova: DEA fifteen years, military veteran, pilot,
age 43.
Added in Decisions

Mallory Sanchez-:
Former ATF team leader/left to have
baby when MCAT formed/Returned to train on CASSIE age
Returned to work in Additions& Apprehensions

Alex Sandoval~
Former FBI agent, applied to  Introduced in
A&A, moved to MCAT in Reconciliations

Selena Cordova ~ hired as an MCAT agent in

CASSIE:  (Collaborative Analysis System for Sensitive
Information Engineering) is a state of the art computer
system, and is a valuable team member to the unit.

Sam Reed~ He was planted in the unit as a spy and was
killed by Captain Tanner in Connections.

Paul Roberts Worked Atlanta Metro police departments
with excellent records, 31 years old. Attacked by the RMR in
Reconciliations and has since left law enforcement.

Ross Anderson Came from the Detroit Metro police
departments, career until then focused on inner city crime,
34 years old. Ross lost a leg in
Additions & Apprehensions
and has since decided to leave MCAT for work in the private


Dr. Robert (Bones) Metfield, Chief of Forensics, Caucasian,
medical examiner, born Dumas, Texas  ME Tarrant County
twenty-five years, 10 years as Chief Medical Examiner, six
county area Amarillo, 62 years old.
Added in Decisions

Greg Ramsey
, forensic investigator, Native of New York, 37
years old.
Added in Decisions
Katrina Santos,
Latin American, certified medic, forensics
investigator, coming from the Taos Police Department and
the DEA, 31 years old.
Changed her speciality after

Mobile Analysis Unit
( MAU)
Our original team Seven all made the move to MCAT. Commander Chris Larabee, Captain Vin Tanner, Captain Buck Wilmington, Special
Agent Josiah Sanchez (profiler), Special Agent JD Dunne, (Computer & communications specialist), Special Agent Ezra Standish(In
charge of Covert ops & negotiator), Special Agent  Nathan Jackson (Medic & Forensics's specialist).
Non-agents in MCAT office

Drusilda “Gunny” Montgomery is administrative
secretary to Commander Larabee and Captain Tanner.
She is widowed with four grown sons and ten

Judy Mullins is a data typist/ computer assistant 21
years old.

Suzanne Mills is administrative secretary to Director

Other non-agents added to series

Linda Dubois co-owned the Southern Breeze (has
since sold her interest to her brother Matt)with her
brothers and was married to Chris Larabee in
Illusions. They divorced in Resolutions.

Mathew Glen Dubois is one of Linda’s Brother and a
veterinarian. Added in
Past Transgression.

George Ramos i
s the ranch foreman for Larabee 7.

Ben Watson is the ranch foreman for the Southern
Breeze. He and wife Martha have been with the Dubois
family twenty-five years.

Louisa ~ housekeeper for the Larabee home, and her
Mila is housekeeper at the Tanners.

Walter Andrews was a San Antonio police detective,
retired after 25 years, previously served ten years in

Barbara Lindsey is an attorney. She specializes in
cases involving children, and is actively involved in
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). Married
Ezra Standish in

Maxine (Max) Bowdrie
is Gunny’s sister 55 years old,
spent 20 years in Navy as a nurse, retired as Lt.

Selina Cordova is Raphael’s daughter and a Denver
Police officer. Sister's name

Angelo Lopez
hired in Part 7 to work with the horses.

Dorothy (Dottie) Morris~ retired Navy, trained with
Max. She worked in the private sector in pediatric
care. Chris hired her as caregiver for Grace and Cody.

Raven ~ worked with Vin in Part 7. Former training
Officer-special ops. Now suspected to be part of the
CIA Clandestine Service

Clay Waters ~ Covert operative/Reconcilations

Michael Vance ~covert operative in A& A

Dr. Caitlyn Broderick ~ Founder of Reins of Change,
added in part 7.

Col. Mike Tai ~Chris's sponsor at NA

Bounty Hunter is the foundation stallion for the
bloodlines on Larabee 7
Additional Characters
Marcus Gilford~ Chief of Surgery at Denver
memorial Hospital.

Raymond Landers- Chief of Emergency trauma

Brian Allen ~ Assistant to Dr. Gilford

Susan Ryder~ OB/gyn

Helen Weeks ~fertility specialist./OB

Other Names for Reference
Carmen Johnson~ works for Child Protective

Jake Mackenzie~ Deceased)  Texas Ranger who
was guardian to Kelli. He also left her with a
substantial trust fund.

William Slade ~ Marissa's father.

Marissa Lyons ~ Kelli's biological mother

Carol Larabee-(Deceased) Mother of Jason and
Guy Saunders~ FBI Agent/Part I
Part 1 ~
Lady Ice~ arrested & released by the Justice
Part 2~
Brad Cleaver~ in prison
Sam Reed ~deceased

Part 3 ~
Paul Madera ~deceased
Congressman Zimmerman~ Federal Prison
Lady Ice returned~ Federal prison

Part 4~
Marissa Lyons ~living in Texas
Rachael Deveraux ~deceased
Phillip Deveraux ~deceased

Part 5 ~
Jack Larabee ~deceased
Lester Smite~ deceased

Part 6~
Juan Medora ~ deceased
Ray Carmichael~ deceased
Victor Donner ~deceased
Senator Hansen- Federal Prison
Chief of Police Blain- Prision
Charles 'Ghost' Gant ~unknown

Part 7
Karl Chambers ~
Bubba Jones~
Anson Ricter
Chip Bellows ~deceased
Frank Harrison ~deceased
RMR- Rocky Meadows Resistance, members are
scattered, but will probably regroup.
Ledger Militants~ still operating
Chris's Dodge Ram was totaled in Illusions and he replaced it with a
black RAM 2500 mega-cab STL.

Ezra's emerald JAG XKR, Colorado plates, license number 542-ICC was
destroyed in an explosion/ Additions and Apprehensions. In
Reconciliations he purchased another JAG, this one a silver XK,
immediately deemed the 'silver bullet' by the Wild Bunch.

Vin had a new Dodge Durango that was totaled in Illusions. He then
bought a gold mist Chevy Tahoe Z71 4x4.

Kelli drove a Chevy Avalanche that was totaled in Additions and
Apprehensions. Vin passed the Tahoe to her and he ordered a blue
Silverado half-ton crew cab LTZ 4x4 for himself.

The Tahoe was destroyed in Vision Quest and replaced by a Lincoln
Navigator- blown up in Purgatory-replaced with a GMC Yukon.

The MCAT mobile analysis’ unit, or MSU, is Bone's state of the art rolling
lab on wheels (GMC Yukon) and his pride and joy. With it he and his
team were capable of performing all forensic activities, including
fingerprinting. It also contained an array of ballistics tools, gloves,
flares, lights and an illuminated slide out evidence tray.

ALL MCAT vehicles, as well as the agent's personal vehicles are now
outfitted with GPS tracking, strobe lights, radio communications, and
Medical Corner
Major Injuries in the first Series
Connections/kidnapped by serial killer Brad Cleaver/Skinned with a knife and chewed on by rats.
Past Transgressions/ Beaten with a steel pipe by Phillip Deveraux causing severe chest trauma/bleeding into the lungs, two broken legs, three
broken ribs.
Illusions/taken by Jack Larabee, he was held captive and given intravenous drugs of Demerol and heroin.
Additions & Apprehensions/ Chris had a relapse to pill addiction.
Reconciliations/Shot once in the shoulder and once in the back (wearing vest the second time)
Past Transgressions/Car accident produced excessive bleeding, broken ribs punctured and collapsed lung, broken leg.
In Decisions he was hit by a car causing a grade one Laryngeal trauma and a grade 2 concussion.
Illusions/car accident, shot twice once in the shoulder and one graze his head, also suffered hypothermia.
Additions & Apprehensions/ Vin was in his office when MCAT was attacked with rocket grenades, He suffered a concussion and multiple cuts from
flying glass.
Reconciliations/ Shot by a 30/30 through the side in Rocky Meadows and one shot center mass at the courthouse while wearing a vest.
Broken arm in Transitions.
Additions and Apprehension/Shot twice, one bullet lodged near his spine was not removed.
In Connections he was shot in the chest at the same time Chris was taken down with a tranquilizer gun. In Reconciliations he was shot in the arm.
Additions and Apprehension/ Nathan was in the MCAT office when it was attacked and suffered a broken arm, as well as multiple cuts and
Reconciliations/ car accident produce bruised ribs and contusions. He was stab when attacked at his home and was very fortunate to have the
knife deflected by bone.
Addition & Apprehensions/ Ezra was injured when his JAG exploded and was hospitalized with a concussion. Ten stitches to his head, concrete
burns, abrasions and a sprained wrist.

Mark, Katrina, Greg,  Pam, and Ross were injured when MCAT was attacked on August 18 in Additions & Apprehensions. Ross lost a leg, Katrina
had head injuries, Mark had burns and a sliced arm. Greg suffered some internal injuries.

Raphael was shot in Additions and Apprehensions.

Kelli suffered a separated shoulder in Transitions and injuries in Past Transgressions She had a broken ankle, hand injury, several bruises and
surgery for damaged blood vessels near her kidney.

Paul was severely beaten and cut up in Reconciliations
Fact List/Larabee Seven

Larabee Seven Ranch is incorporated and owned equally by the seven 'brothers'.

Over 7200 acres or roughly 1100 square miles of ranch land are included within the boundaries of Larabee 7. In addition Vin owns 80 acres that adjoins the ranch
on one side, Josiah another ten on another.

Chris, Vin, Nathan, and Buck all have homes on the ranch land. Ezra purchased a strip of land from Matt Dubois between the two ranches to build on, assuring that
Larabee Seven was surrounded by land owned only by family.

The breeding program began as one for thoroughbreds only. However, they have since opted to make breeding, training and selling quarter horses their main focus.

After a lightening strike destroyed barns in Transitions, new stables were built.

Kelli's mares, Lady Brianna, Sandstone, and Ambermist, stay in the breeding barns. Most foals are born in the spring and the foals stay with their mamas.

Close to the main ranch house is one barn for the personal horses that belong to the seve, including Caleb's new horse Hercules. A little further down are the heated
building for the mares/ 3 of them that can house 36 mares each with foals.

In Part 7 Vin built a barn near the Tanner home for Peso, Dancer, Jason's Dreamer, Midnight,  Dora, and Thor.

In addition there are 20 outdoor run-in sheds measuring 10’x12’ with 40 foot runs. Two outdoor arenas equipped for Western riding. Three employee housing
apartments, bunk house for hands that live on the ranch. All total they run 250 broodmares, 6 stallions and have they about 150 foals over the course of a season.

At any give time there could be another 100 plus yearlings on the property
MCAT/Larabee7 Facts & Trivia
Quarter Horse *
The Quarter Horse (or American Quarter Horse) is the first ever breed to be native to the United States. Bred from a mix of horses brought over from England and
Ireland in the 1600s, the Quarter Horse is a mix of Arab, Turk and Barb breeds.
This mix gives a heavily muscled horse that can run faster than many others over a short distance. Known for its ability to outmaneuver cattle in the drives, the
Quarter Horse became a quick favorite with ranchers and cowboys. As a result it moved westward across the plains as rapidly as the pioneers.
To be classed officially as an American Quarter Horse, the animal must have limited white markings restricted only to the face and below the knees. There are only
thirteen recognized colors of Quarter Horses, the most prominent being sorrel. Other colors allowed are bay, black, brown, buckskin, chestnut, dun, red dun,  grullo,
gray, palomino, red roan and blue roan.
(see the AQHA color chart). In horse circles, white horses are referred to as ‘gray’, along with horses that are actually gray
in color. There are, however, no white Quarter Horses.

Thoroughbred Horses all come from three stallions – the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk (Named after their owners – Thomas Darley,
Lord Godolphin and Captain Robert Byerly). The stallions were brought to England from the Middle East and bred with native horses to produce a fast, strong horse.
Thoroughbreds are obviously well known in racing circles, and other competitive sports.

*information from the American Quarter Horse Association

information on ThoroughbredsTrivia
Left MCAT due to injuries
Left MCAT due to injuries

Paul Roberts, African American, worked Atlanta Metro police departments with excellent records, 31 years old./divorced/no children. Paul was severely injured in a
racially motivated attack and has decided not to return to MCAT.
Ross Anderson, African American, Detroit Metro police departments, career until then focused on inner city crime, 34 years old. Married w/2children/one is a girl.
Ross lost a leg when the MCAT office was attacked with rocket propelled grenades. He has decided to leave law enforcement and work in the private sector
Linda Dubois married Chris Larabee on 2/18 and they had two children, Grace and Cody. They divorced in Resolutions and she will make an
occasional appearance in Series II/deceased in WOC ~series 2
Characters in Series one, not featured in Series II
  • Vehicles
  • Chris-Dodge Ram Crew Cab/Black
  • Vin-Chevy Silverado Crew Cab/Dark Blue
  • Buck-Ford F-150 CrewCab/Red
  • Vehicles
  • Josiah - Chevy Surburan/Dark Gray
  • Ezra/ Jaguar XJ/ AKA as The Silver Bullet
  • Nathan Dodge Caravan/maroon
  • JD/Ford Explorer/ Sport edition/Red
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